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Special Dunn Clown Patient

One of our Shriners patients, who the clowns have grown to love from his regular attendance at the Dunn Shrinette’s Annual Christmas Party at the Dunn Shrine Club, came home from Chapel Hill Children's Hospital after a 65 day stay. He had surgery on January 15th to repair a tethered spinal cord and things went from bad to worse. He had multiple surgeries due to different complications such as incision leaking with the possibility of leaking spinal fluid to high fevers due to infection. He went through quite an ordeal, so the Sudan Dunn Clowns thought about sending a 'Clown' care package to lift his spirits. We had a One-of-a-Kind, Unit photo, signed by multiple clowns and framed. Noble Brian 'Boo' Honeycutt and I delivered the framed picture along with some clown cookies and some of Rayden's favorite snacks. We also brought a pizza to Rayden and his family at the hospital because he said that was his favorite. With the permission of Illustrious Sir Coble Wilson III, the Sudan Dunn Clowns could stop by Rayden's home on March 20, 2021 after 65 days in the hospital. He was super excited to see us clown around, as he is on the road to recovery.

Article Written by Dunn Clown -Noble Justin “Bonzo” Langdon

The group photo is as follows:

Front Row LEFT to RIGHT

Dylan 'Klutz' Honeycutt, Brian 'Boo' Honeycutt, Rayden Bradley, Lee 'Ho-Lee-Wood' Honeycutt

Back Row LEFT to RIGHT

Justin 'BonZo' Langdon, Cody 'Yammy' Dunn, Tyler 'Tugboat' Carpenter, TJ 'Tank' Johnson


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