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Hospital & Patient Services

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Thank you all for helping Cade get the treatment he needs! It really helps take some stress off us on his journey. His condition is arthrogryposis. 


First picture is Cade and his dad, Casey waiting for our surgeon at Shriners Children’s Greenville


Second is Cade enjoying the Civil War trail in New Bern. 


Thanks again!


Casey, Mary and Cade 

Transportation to Shriners Children's

Sudan Shriners provides complimentary transportation (with a parent) to Shriners Children's Greenville, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Ohio, Boston, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, PA. We invite both parents of the child to travel on the first visit only. We have (7) vans available and there are always (2) volunteer Roadrunner drivers. If an overnight stay is necessary, we provide hotel accommodations at no charge. Sudan has a (2) wheelchair lift vans available for children with wheelchairs. 

If parents would rather drive their own vehicle, we provide a hotel room but the parents must call our office so reservations can be made in the child’s name.  Families driving are reimbursed for (2) gas receipts. Mail us the gas receipt from filling up the vehicle when leaving home and then again from filling up at the hospital.

This program requires constant TEAMWORK between the Hospital, temple staff, Roadrunner Unit and the parents. Our primary goal is to make sure the children keep their hospital appointments, thereby receiving the necessary treatment they deserve. The Shrine fraternity is comprised of volunteer members who freely give of their time and resources to ensure that the families are transported to and from our hospitals in a safe and efficient manner and this is why it is extremely important that parents take responsibility to call our office if they can not make the trip.

The drivers are on a limited time schedule and can only allow 15 minutes to wait at the designated pick up point before they must move forward. Please make prior arrangements to be picked up after the return trip from the hospital. The van will make periodic stops for meals and travel breaks. There is no smoking, food or beverages allowed on board. If a child needs a car seat please bring it with you or if your child has a wheelchair or needs a gurney, advise us in advance.

As an option, if parents would prefer to fly, Airlift Hope America is available at (800) 325-8908 and Children’s Flight of Hope at (919) 971-0131. There is no charge for flying but there are a few rules that apply.

Donna Horton, (Email: Sudan’s Patient Services Coordinator’s office hours are Monday – Thursday 8:00am to 4:30pm. Please call (252) 637-5197 if you have any questions. It is our pleasure to provide you and your child / children with these services. The Transportation Program is funded totally by your donations.

History of the Sudan Roadrunners

This unique unit was formed approximately 35 years ago and their purpose was to transport patients to and from eastern North Carolina to Shriner’s Hospitals. The Mission Statement is “To provide safe and courteous transportation for the patients and parents traveling to and from Shriners Hospitals for Children".

Our first members were dedicated to the point that they used their own vehicles. Then, thanks to the hard work and support of many Shrine clubs and units, our members started donating new vans to the transportation department. The program now have a nice fleet of first class mini and large passenger vans, some equipped with wheelchair lifts to assure patients and their parents have a safe and comfortable trip.

Sudan Shriners are very proud and fortunate to have the Roadrunners Unit, however it takes many dedicated Nobles working various fundraising activities such as fish frys, dances and other events to help donate to the transportation fund to ensure we can continue doing what we love. After all….it’s all about the KIDS!

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