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SASCA and SASA Awards

Novice White Face

1st Ira Matthews

2nd Taylor Wells

Open White Face

1st Lee Honeycutt

Novice Auguste

3rd Justin Wrench

Open Auguste

1st Chris Vancil

3rd Dylan Honeycutt

Open Tramp

2nd Ken Page

Novice Happy Hobo

2nd Zack MacDonald


1st Brian Honeycutt

2nd Andy House

Children’s Choice

Andy House

1-Man Skit

1st Brian Honeycutt

2-Man Skit

1st Brian Honeycutt/Cody Dunn

2nd Ira Matthews/Taylor Wells

Unit Skit

1st Sudan Dunn Clowns

SASCA #1 Parade Unit

1st Sudan Dunn Clown

SASCA President’s Choice

Sudan Dunn Clown

SASCA Traveling Trophy

Sudan Dunn Clowns

SASA #1 Clown Parade Unit

Sudan Dunn Clowns


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