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Philanthropy is a gift given to us by God. We as Mason’s make this our mission. Helping others is in our obligation and our hearts. Making good men better is our mission. And part of this is bringing out this gift.

We often do this by teaming up with other organizations and members of the community. One of the ways we can remain visible is by participating in these events within our community.

We recently did this at the Oxford home for children by teaming with a couple and their employees along with their customers and friends by giving a donation of 85 bicycles to the home.

This couple is Jimmy and Keaton Gilleece of Wrightsville Beach Nc. They are the owners of Jimmy’s and King Neptunes also located in Wrightsville beach. This love of philanthropy for this couple started with a toy drive. They opened Jimmy’s in 2014. In 2015 they teamed with a local band named L shaped lot and did a toy drive. In 2016 they started doing bicycles. The first year they donated 220 bicycles. 2017 - brought 416. 2018 - 750 , 2019-1000, 2020 - 1100, 2021 - 1240. This growth spawned the creation of a 501c. These bicycles have gone to toys for tots and the Salvation Army.

Jimmy is from Greensboro and his wife Keaton is from Wilmington. They have three kids they have a son that’s is 10 named Jacob a son named Caison that is 6 and a daughter named Tinsley who is 4. They have two labs cash and cruiser that are faithful companions to anyone who patronizes their establishments. They purchased King Neptunes six months ago. It’s is the oldest restaurant in Wilmington. They had a grand opening 10/11. If you happen to be in the area please stop by and check them out. Their hospitality, beverages and food is unmatched in the area. They are serving breakfast lunch and dinner.

It has been a great pleasure for our unit the Sudan Thunderbolt’s and the Sudan temple along with our local masonic lodges to team up with this wonderful family and their crew!

Illustrious Cleve Woolard his lady Patsy and myself had the wonderful pleasure of presenting them with a wonderful certificate of recognition from the Masonic home for children and the Sudan temple. Along with an amazing lunch of fresh NC seafood.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. From the NC Masons, The Masonic home for children and the Sudan Temple! To Jimmy his family his employees and this wonderful community of friends!

Yours Truly,

Jesse F Mintz Jr.

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