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Just One

Dear Noble Sirs,

Last week at Imperial Session, we saw the unveiling of new Imperial Potentate Jeff Sowder’s “Just One” campaign to increase Shriner membership. A simple but powerful idea drives this initiative: If every current Shriner commits to recruiting or restoring “just one” noble to his temple, the ranks of our brotherhood will swell tremendously. In order to build enthusiasm for the Just One initiative and keep it going, we are instituting a multi-level program for recognizing and rewarding top-line signers in the creation/restoration process for their successful efforts bringing in new members or restoring suspended members. These are:

Level 1 – Upon creation or restoration of one member, the top-line signer will receive a postcard and Just One pin from Imperial Potentate Jeff Sowder.

Level 2 – Upon bringing in two members, the top-line signer will be listed in the Shriner Magazine.

Level 3 – With three new creations or restorations, the top-line signer will receive a certificate of appreciation and a letter of commendation from Imperial Sir Sowder.

Level 4 – After five creations or restorations, the top-line signer will receive a personal phone call from the Imperial Potentate.

Level 5 – Top-line signers responsible for 10 additional Shriner brothers will receive a special invitation to attend a Just One VIP reception with the Imperial Divan at the 2020 Imperial Session.

Fraternally yours,

Shriners International Membership Team Tampa, Florida

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