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Johnston Co. S/C Awards

Front Row, L-R: Outer Guard Robby Sadler, Marshal Larry Barnes & 25 Year Recipient; Noble Ernest L. Price, 50 Year Recipient; Noble Ted H. Sohn, 25 Year Recipient; Ill. Sir Cleve Woolard; High Priest & Prophet Tom Ferrell, Chief Rabban Lou Smith III, Back Row L-R: Oriental Guide Jeff Taylor, 1st Ceremonial Master Chris Boykin, Asst. Rabban Randy Simpson, Capt. of the Guard Dean West, Director Frank Long and PP Coble D Wilson III.

The Johnston County Shrine Club conducted their monthly meeting on March 4, 2022, at which time two 25 and one 50 Year Shriners International Service Awards were presented. Nobles Roland V Davis and James O. McLamb were to receive their 50-year awards but were unable to attend. A delicious dinner was served with the award presentations made by Illustrious Sir Cleve Woolard and assisted by Outer Guard Robby Sadler. A great turnout for these deserving Nobles. Congratulations from your fellow Sudan Nobles.

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