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Clowns Win!

Noble Justin “BonZo” Langdon and Noble Chip “Cowboy” Hamilton from our Sudan Dunn Clown unit made the trip to San Antonio, Texas, February 19-23, 2020 to compete in the International Shrine Clown Association Mid-Winter Session and returned three winning plaque’s each:

1st Place Two Man Skit Chip “Cowboy” & “BonZo”

2nd Place Auguste Justin “BonZo” Langdon

3rd Place Happy HoBo Chip “Cowboy” Hamilton

2nd Place Tie One Man Paradeability Chip “Cowboy” Hamilton & Justin “Bonzo” Langdon

I know there is a lot of personal hard work and time put into the competition like this. Sudan Nobles and Ladies are all proud of your accomplishments!


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