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Clowns Shine at 2022 Southeastern Clown Association

Our Dunn Clowns travelled to Gatlinburg, Tenn. on March 11-13, 2022, for the Southeastern Clown Association Jamboree and again came home keeping Sudan on the Clown map! Congratulations is due again for their outstanding performances and participation.

The listed awards and recipients are:

Children's Choice Award Andy 'Tater' House

1st Place Character Andy 'Tater' House

3rd Place Character Brian 'Boo' Honeycutt

Top Five Rookie Ira 'No Clue' Matthews

Top Five Rooke Max 'Do Rite' Tew

Top Five Whiteface Lee 'Hol-Lee-Wood' Honeycutt

2nd Place Tramp Chip 'Cowboy' Hamilton

Top Five Hobo Justin 'BonZo' Langdon

2nd Place Auguste Chris 'Jiggles' Vinci

Top Five Auguste Ken 'Popstars' Creech

Top Five One-Man Skit Brian 'Boo' Honeycutt

3rd Place Two-Man Skit Ira 'No Clue' Matthews, Max 'Do Rite' Tew

Top Five Two-Man Skit Brian 'Boo' Honeycutt, Lee 'Hole-Lee-Wood' Honeycutt

Top Five Multiple Balloons Andy 'Tater' House

Article Submitted: Justin 'Bonzie' Langdon, Dunn Clown Director, SASCA 2nd VP

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