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Clown’s Shine at 2021 Southeastern Clown Association

(Clowns in 'Blues’) Front L to R: Noble’s Chip 'Cowboy' Hamilton, Chris 'Jiggles' Vancil; Back row L to R: Noble’s Justin 'BonZo' Langdon, Colton 'Spaz' Johnson, Chris 'Romeo' Lee, Cody 'Yammie' Dunn, Brian 'Boo' Honeycutt, Cody 'Curly' Rhodes

Clowns in Makeup: Kneeling: Noble Cody 'Curly' Rhodes; Back row-L to R: Noble’s Chip 'Cowboy' Hamilton, Justin 'BonZo' Langdon, Colton 'Spaz' Johnson, Chris 'Jiggles' Vancil, Chris 'Romeo' Lee, Brian 'Boo' Honeycutt, Lee 'Ho-Lee-Wood' Honeycutt, Cody 'Yammie' Dunn

The South Eastern Shrine Clown Association had its annual Shrine Clown Jamboree March 26-28, 2021 at the Black Bear Inn in Gatlinburg, Tn. This competition was open to all good-standing shrine clowns from all over. A good time was had by all the clowns and ladies. Awards are as follows:

Make Up Competition:

1st Place White Face-Chris 'Romeo' Lee;

1st Place Rookie-Chris 'Jiggles' Vancil;

2nd Place Auguste-Justin 'BonZo' Langdon;

3rd Place Character-Brian 'Boo' Honeycutt;

Top Five Rookie-Lee 'Ho-Lee-Wood' Honeycutt Top Five Tramp-Chip 'Cowboy' Hamilton;

Unit Skit - 3rd Place-SUDAN;

Top Five Two-Man Skit

Cody 'Yammie' Dunn/Chris 'Jiggles' Vancil and Chris 'Romeo' Lee/Brian 'Boo' Honeycut

Congratulations to our Sudan Dunn Clown’s for their outstanding performances and participation putting Sudan Shriners on the map again and again!

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