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2021 SASCA Competition

1st place Novice Auguste – Chris “Jiggles” Vancil

3rd place Novice Auguste – Ken “PopTart” Creech

1st place Open White Face – Lee “Hol Lee Wood” Honeycutt

1st place Open Happy Hobo – Brian “Boo” Honeycutt

2nd place Open Tramp – Ken “Uncle Toby” Page

3rd place Over 55 – Ken “Uncle Toby” Page

1st place Character – Andy “Tater” House

2nd place 1-man skit – Brian “Boo” Honeycutt

3rd place 1-man skit – Ken “PopTart” Creech

1st place 2-man skit – Brian “Boo” Honeycutt & Lee “Hol Lee Wood” Honeycutt

2nd place 2-man skit - Andy “Tater” House & Ken “PopTart” Creech

3rd place 2-man skit - Chris “Jiggles” Vancil & Cody “Yammy” Dunn

1st place unit skit – Sudan Dunn Clowns

2nd place single balloon – Brian “Boo” Honeycutt

3rd place single balloon - Andy “Tater” House

2nd place multiple balloon – Brian “Boo” Honeycutt

3rd place multiple balloon - Andy “Tater” House

1st place parade-ability – Sudan Dunn Clowns

2nd Place Novice Auguste - Cody "Yammy" Dunn

Traveling Trophy – Sudan Dunn Clowns

Presidents Choice – Sudan Dunn Clowns


1st parade – Sudan Dunn Clowns

Also, Sudan members on the SASCA 2021 line:

2nd Vice President – Justin “Bonzo” Langdon

Sergeant at Arms – Chip “Cowboy” Hamilton

Secretary/Treasurer – Christopher “Romeo” Lee


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