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Motor Patrol


The Sudan Motor Patrol is based in Kinston at the Lenoir County Shrine Club.  It is one of the oldest units in Sudan, formed in 1962 with John K Ervin of Kinston as its first Captain.  The members perform intricate maneuvers on motorcycles to delight and entertain the crowds.

The Motor Patrol participates in SAASMC competition each year.  They have one won the Joe Q. Thomas award which represents the overall high point unit on several occasions.  They have also won first place in the SASA parade competition.  They routinely ride in parades and perform throughout Sudan land including all Shrine ceremonial parades, SASA, and St. John’s Day.

As is the standard for all Shriners, the children are the most important reason for our cause.  The Motor Patrol rides so that children can walk.   Come ride with us!

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