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S Lenoir Seniors give back

KRISTY BOCK ( COVID-19 changed the dynamic of graduation and end-of-year activities for local area high schools including prom. “The school was limited on what they could offer,” said South Lenoir High School senior mother Melissa Faulkner. “They did offer a sit-down meal at the country club.” The parents of South Lenoir High School seniors graduating this week knew that their children weren’t getting the full high school experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic that shelved many of the normal events that take place at the end of the year. With the help of the Lenoir County Shrine Club, the parents of South Lenoir were able to provide their graduating seniors, and others who attend South Lenoir, a prom. “I was just really thankful because for me I’ve never been to a prom my freshman, sophomore, or junior year,” said Madison Sasnett, a graduating senior at South Lenoir. “With COVID we weren’t allowed to have prom so the shrine club and the Shiners made it possible to have my very first and last prom for South Lenoir High School and I enjoyed every minute of it.” While the initial idea was to not charge for the events, the parents wanted to ensure they had the proper security and entertainment for the evening and charged a $10 fee to attend. They raised $500 at the door that was not used to cover the cost of the event which they then donated to the Lenoir County Shrine Club. “I think it's important to give back to the community that we live in, especially since they allowed us to hold such a special event for us,” said Lydia Walston, a graduating senior at South Lenoir. It was also important to the parents to teach their seniors the value of giving back. “We got together with other parents and took donations for the event,” said South Lenoir senior parent Michelle Sasnett. “Therefore, the amount we took in at the doors was what we wanted to donate to the Shriners.” The donation was given to Jerry Eubanks, the president of Lenoir County Shrine Club.


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