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INSHP 2021 Officers

Inter-National Shrine Horse Patrol's annual meeting at the Imperial Session in Houston, TX on July 6, 2021 saw the installation of two of Sudan Horse Patrol's members as officers for the coming year. Representing Sudan, Noble Edward Allen was installed as 1st Vice President and Noble Alex Ellis was installed as Treasurer. Noble Daryl Atkinson of Sharon Horse Patrol from Texas was the installing officer, Noble Justin Smith of Mizpah Horse Patrol from Indiana is the incoming President and Noble Fred Benson of El Riad Horse Corps from Montana (South Dakota) is the incoming Secretary.

Sudan Horse Patrol attends annually at the Imperial Session with INSHP activities dominating the several days of fun and business.

Left to Right: Nobles: Daryl Atkinson, Justin Smith, Edward Allen, Fred Benson and Alex Ellis


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