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2021 Wrecking Crew Officers

Left to Right: Nobles Robert Worton, 2nd Assistant Director; Todd Rogers, 1st Assistant Director; Craig Guthrie, Outgoing Director; Tim Sasser, 2021 Director; Tom Ferrell, Member and Sudan Oriental Guide & Installing Officer; Tommy Sasser, Secretary, and Buck Causey, Treasurer.

Our Sudan Wrecking Crew conducted their annual workday activities in Mt Olive on April 17, 2021 and installed their newly elected officers for 2021. Noble Tim Sasser is the newly elected Director. In doing so, he becomes the third member of his family to hold this position. His father, Noble Tommy Sasser Sr held this position in 1995 and 1996, and his brother, Noble Tommy Sasser Jr. was the Director in 2013 and 2014. The installation proceedings were conducted by our Sudan Oriental Guide, Noble Tom Ferrell, also a member of the Crew.

I believe we have some Shriner Legacy in action and another chapter in our Sudan history!

Hopefully, the COVID 19 restrictions will be relaxed whereby we can see this highly respected group welcome our new Sudan Noble’s into our fraternity.

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