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20' x 8' Trailer for sale

Updated: May 18

Havelock Shrine Club closed their doors earlier this year. Some of the property turned over to Sudan Shriners is a 2010 Diamond Cargo, 20’ x 8’ utility trailer. The trailer is a dual axle, with a back drop door. The trailer was used for several years by Havelock Shriners as a “homemade” cooking trailer. It contains the following items: Portable Cooking Grill with 2 Propane Gas Bottles; 13,000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit on the roof; Small Water Heater; Wood Cupboards for storage; Portable Generator Hook-up capabilities; One Tailgating Tent; Two small white plastic tables and a small refrigerator. The contents are estimated at approximately $2,000.

This will be posted for sale for the next 30 days to allow all clubs and units the opportunity to bid. The bids will be posted on our web site as they are received without names. The highest bidder must provide Sudan Shriners a certified check when purchased. We have had the value of the trailer and the contents appraised by three credible sources and will start the bid at $5000.00. The funds from this sale will be placed in the General Fund.

REMEMBER: The bidding will be open for a 30-day period to allow all clubs and units the opportunity to announce at their monthly meetings thus allowing our membership to place bids. Bids will close on November 3 at 4:00 pm.

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