We are a three year old Shrine unit consisting of ten members from Pamlico County Shrine Club in Grantsboro, NC. We have five motorized units in which the alligator heads pivot up and down. Each unit has their own specialty. This consists of water (Greg Murphy), smoke (Tom Dixon), bubbles (George Slaymaker), music (Dr. Dee Sadler), and foam (Dave Arthur). We also have a recovery vehicle, “Gator Aid” which can pull one of the units if he breaks down. This unit which looks like a wrecker was built by Al Broome. We have two animated alligators; “Ali” and “Wally” in which the kids love. We entertain the crowds at all parades, and have been requested to participate in parades all year long. We were selected to participate in the Governor’s Inaugural Parade in Raleigh on January 10, 2009. We won 1st place in mini motors / 4 wheel standard for 2009 at SASA. This unit has appeared in all scheduled ceremonials since it was formed by Noble Greg Murphy in 2006.