The Ghostbusters were started in 1991 when Ike Guyton came up with the idea to form a Unit based on the famed movie The Ghostbusters. They started out with two members: Ike Guyton and Terry Baker.  Ikie found an old ‘59 hearse sitting behind a Funeral Home in Raeford N.C., the club helped purchased it and work was begun. At the time, Terry and Ikie enrolled in a body shop course at Bladen Technical College and began making repairs and getting the hearse ready to paint, after many long hours came the finished product.  Of course, there have been many updates to it since, after a few years it was parked because another hearse was donated also, but it never was the same.  After 6 years, Terry brought the old one out of the junk pile you might as well say and has been working on it since and here we are today. The Ghostbusters started with 17 charter members but because of death and dropouts, they have lost many good members.  They currently have 7 active members but are striving to increase that number.  If you see any ghosts sneaking around just give them a call and they will come to your aid with backpacks and silly string and "The Ghostbuster Hearse" to see if they can't rid you of them.

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