Day Coat Pants Shirt Tie
Sunday Black Houndstooth White Purple
Monday Navy Camel White Imp. 12
Tuesday Gray Navy White Blue
Wednesday Houndstooth Black White 2017 Blk
Thursday Navy Gray Lt. Blue 2018 Bow 
Friday Black Camel White Children's Tie
Saturday Gray Navy White Gold
Repeat Each Week of Month        
Day Pants   Shirt  
Sunday Black   Red  
Monday Navy   White  
Tuesday Camel   Burgundy  
Wednesday Gray   Navy  
Thursday Khaki   Lt. Blue  
Friday Houndstooth   Black  
Saturday Gray   Purple  
Repeat Each Week of Month        
Windshirt if Needed        

August 3, 4, & 5

Brunswick County Shrine Club Golf Tournament (if attending)

Friday Night- Yellow Fishing Shirt, Navy shorts or slacks

Saturday- Teal Fishing Shirt, Black shorts or slacks

Sunday- Coral Fishing Shirt, Khaki shorts or slacks  

Watermelon Festival, Shrimp Festival

Use the appropriate Fishing shirt above for the day of festival

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• Labor Day • Thanksgiving and Friday after• Christmas and one other day
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